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About Us

Wine Cellar Systems

Wine Cellar Systems has been manufacturing cooling systems for wine cellars since the late 1970’s. Like many business ventures, we started out in our garage, mostly as part-time servicing wine cellar enthusiasts in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. At that time, wine cellar cooling technology was not fully understood by the industry. Trained technicians in the HVAC and Refrigeration industry were not taught how to properly maintain the conditions required for a optimal wine cellar.

The Problem

The desire to maintain a high humidity while cooling the air makes design of wine cellar systems unique. If not done properly, it will result in unfavorable conditions in the wine cellar or place great stress on the refrigeration equipment. This can lead to undetected failure which translates into a damaged wine collection and a lack of faith in your wine cellar cooling system.

The Solution

Through many years of research and development we designed our WineSmart controller to address the myriad of problems controlling cooling and humidity. The WineSmart Controller offers a better coordinated way that only a micro-processor is capable of performing. Your wine cellar's environmental conditions are preserved in a fully-searchable archive that provides a snapshot at any point in time of the conditions of your wine collection. It is very important to be able to prove the conditions for provenance, insurance and resale purposes. With the WineSmart Controller, gone are the days of log books and paper trails. By leveraging internet technology, we record your wine cellar's history in a SAS Level 90 (highest level) secured datacenter so you always have peace of mind.
Wine Cellar Systems is the only supplier of the WineSmart controller.