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Cooling Systems

Our Components

We provide unique systems designed specifically for wine cellars. These components have been thoroughly researched and tested for the environment for which they are intended. An important part of our job is staying up to date with technology as in the case of ECM blower motors.
  • Air Handler

    This is our top of the line cooling system. Since the air handler has no moving parts, the wine cellar is very quiet. Our ducted evaporators are designed for 4010 – 18100 BTU systems. Features available include: Vertical DVX or horizontal DHX configuration; fully integrated humidification; heating and internet connectivity options are available with the WineSmart controller.

  • Mini Ductless

    Our new inverter style evaporators are the latest in mini ductless design. The ECM motors are quiet and efficient. They run very cool compared to a standard AC motors. Variable speed control of the motor allows for maximum efficiency during hot start up reducing stress on the compressor. Available in BTU sizes 2600, 4000, 5700, 7600, 10200, 10900.

  • Condenser

    Our commercial-quality condensers are available in indoor, outdoor, air cooled and water cooled models and are compatible with R422b refrigerant. Outdoor cabinets are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum or aluminized metal to protect form the harshest environment.