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How It Works

Our Control System

The WineSmart® Controller System* is the only environmental control system, in the world, specifically designed for wine cellars that operate in a coordinated way to maintain the correct environment necessary for a wine cellar.
Other control systems do not coordinate how the system components operate to maintain humidity levels, they just turn the humidifier on or off. Other control system do not monitor the load on the compressor. The WineSmart® continuously monitors the load placed on the compressor (such as initial start up, door left open, product loading, restart after a power failure, etc.) and changes operation to help prevent the compressor from over heating, thus prolonging compressor life.


The WineSmart® has state of the art electronic technology with built in diagnostics to alert the owner of problems or conditions. With the Internet interface, the owner can monitor the temperature and humidity and be alerted automatically by email when a problem is detected. Also, WineSmart® support staff is emailed if a problem is detected and the remote diagnostic process is started immediately to assist the owner or repair technicians.

System Features

Can control Two Stage Systems
With Independent Set Points
Very Accurate Sensing
T =± .3˚C, H=±2% RH, @25˚C
Cooling, Heating, Humidity,
Condenser Load Monitoring i.e.,
Start Up, Temperature Changes
Internet i.e., Diagnostics,
Data Archiving, Provenance
Website, Monitoring,
E-Mail Notification
One Keypad/Display and
Multiple Remote Displays
Evaporator Freeze
Monitoring and Prevention